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Oct. 26th, 2013


Wow, has it been over a year since my last post?

Suffice it to say I won't look back on 2012 with undiluted joy. 2013 has only been slightly better, insofar as I've been bitten by the hockey bug like about a trillion other fen have been.

And I strangely... ficced? (It is so out of the blue; the last and only other fic I've written was some drabble in the Kings* fandom.)

*Not sure what in the hell I'm talking about? Kings was this TV show on NBC that was like an AU of biblical David vs. Saul that got cancelled in like, ten minutes. I have tags. On the sidebar. Still. **

**Of course, I got into hockey just as the lockout was a week away from ending, so maybe the curse on things I like no longer being *there* has been broken.

Apr. 18th, 2013



This is currently a comment journal. If you really want to read my ramblings, all of my entries, old and new, are over here!

Here's Major Eberbach to keep youse entertained:

Apr. 5th, 2011


In view of recent events over in eljay land...

Here are all of my invite codes for Dreamwidth. Feel free to copy and disseminate as needed! :)















Jan. 5th, 2011


ABC and captioning fail.

Attempting to view the latest episode of "V", I found that the in-house ABC player did not know how to do captions.

Sure, they had a caption button, and the audio-text timing was more or less accurate but!

How to make captions FAILCollapse )

Captions should not make the viewer work harder; they are meant to help the viewer!

I've emailed ABC, for all the good it will do. 
ETA of Annoyance:Collapse )

Dec. 22nd, 2010


Invite Codes for DW

I have five invite codes I'm willing to give away! Comment and I'll send you a code.

Jul. 15th, 2010


Anti-deletion post

I am a lurker I am a lurker

So. I just keep this as a comment journal  and as a measure to prevent my clicking on the "yes I am over 18" button more times than needed.

Apr. 12th, 2009


(no subject)

What, they moved "Kings" to Saturday?

Please to be telling me the reasoning behind this.


Apr. 6th, 2009


Kings 104

This made me go "Oh David" at the end... :3 Jessie, he's trying to be a good boy!

Michelle doesn't exactly impress me with her brains--I mean going into a rebels' base *without* even a weapon? Or a bodyguard? STUPID BINT. Clearly she has not seen any hostage movies.

Samuels--William--*and Abner*: oh my fucking GOD I'm squeeing at their semi-joint rebellion plotting. Even if it means my fic has sorta-been-Jossed if you read it straight. But yay Abner, for speaking more than three lines. I'm trying to figure out what made Samuels realize he was heading into a trap--the flag doesn't seem so obvious. (Maybe the fandom and TWoP forums will have further insight)

Jack and Frosty Blond Bitch will have to work together. This could be really entertaining or random crap.

I really love Samuels' church? Synagogue? Temple? place. Very New England-ish with the divided pews and sorta Reform Jew with the padded seats and orange candelabras.

The deus ex machina "A chip? We did it when you were five" was kinda bleh. LOL at Michelle getting so upset at having a tracking device. Man, she lives in her own world. I'm trying, I really am, to like her, but... Way too naive for my taste.

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Apr. 5th, 2009


Pushback for Kings Squeeing

I've got a Earth Sciences Study session tonight at the same time Kings is on...

Hopefully I'll post my reactions Monday/Tuesday night when the vid goes online.

Mar. 30th, 2009


Instrumental Good

Abner knows who he is.

An instrument, always has been. When his Majesty points out problems Abner solves them.Collapse ) Cross-posted to kings_fic

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